Investing Resources

Check out these websites for more information on personal finance, including investing, budgeting, and taxes.

1. is founded by the Ontario Securities Commission. The website provides unbiased and financial tools to help you with investing and financial planning. For example, it has information on the various registered accounts: RRSP, TFSA, RRIFs, as well as information on understanding taxes and budgeting.

2. Canada Tax Resources

TurboTax offers a wealth of information about Canadian income taxes, including tax saving opportunities, tax deductions, tax differences between provinces, tax preparation, how to file income tax electronically, etc. TurboTax is a must-read! is maintained by an account. At the website, you can find information on Canadian income tax, financial investing, and real estate information, as well as calculators for individuals and business. For example, it provides a cool Canadian Income Tax calculator.

4. Investing Differences in Canada and the United States

I found this wiki to be useful in giving a high level overview of the investing differences in Canada and the United States. For example, it talks about tax-advantaged accounts, and diversification. If anything, it gives newer investors topics to investigate about.