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3 Canadian REIT ETFs: Good for Income Still?

Real estate is a traditional way to generate passive income. Investors no longer need to take on a lot of debt or purchase individual properties to earn income from real estate.

Nowadays, it’s as easy as ever for anyone to become passive landlords by investing in real estate investment trusts (REITs). REITs have professional management to take care of a diversified portfolio of real estate assets, including mortgages. 

You can immediately generate what’s similar to rental income passively by simply buying units of REIT ETFs. Investopedia introduced three top Canadian REIT ETFs. I’ve ordered the REIT ETFs based on their net asset values from large to small. Let’s explore to see if they could be good purchases for real estate income.

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Value Stock Rally: Bargain Dividend Stocks Still Available

It was value stocks’ time to shine. They rallied. 

They were too cheap to ignore. 

Real estate stocks with big exposure to retail properties took a big hit from COVID-19 disruptions. 

Here are two examples.

STORE Capital: Dividend Stock Yielding 5.6%

STORE Capital (NYSE:STOR) fell as much as 65% from last year’s high. Then, the dividend stock developed a base in the $16-18 range for about three months before appreciating approximately 46%.

Source: Stockcharts with author annotation

It still offers a nice yield of 5.6%. And it still trades at a discount of about 20% from its normalized valuation. However, it’s meeting short-term resistance right now at about $26. The price action in the next two weeks will tell us if it’ll break above it or not. 

The commercial real estate company has a diversified portfolio consisting of 2,552 properties across 49 states and 491 customers who operate across 113 industries.

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